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Dragon Ball Super Season 1

It's been 6 months since the defeat of Majin Bû with Son Gokû's Super Genki Dama, with the help of all the inhabitants of Earth. Mr. Satan played an important role there. Now, Son Gokû is working, as he promised to his wife Chichi, for at least 6 months, before he could go train with North Kaiô-Sama. Son Goten is spending time with his father. Son Gohan and Videl are recently married. Gohan is still studying in the University, but Videl is supporting him to become a professional. Her father, Mr. Satan, gave them a new house as wedding present. Son Goten looks for his best friend's help, Trunks, to get a wedding present for Videl. Together, they go on a journey to find the perfect gift for her.